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The International Confederation of Childhood Parent Organization, (ICCCPO) estimates that more than 100,000 children die needlessly each year from Cancer worldwide, because they lack access to optimal treatment i.e. 250 children per day, more than 10 children per hour. Most of these children are in Sub Saharan Africa.

ICCCPO has since 2001 marked February 15th as the Worldwide International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD).

About Us
Our Objectives
  • To care for children living with cancer and generally create and stimulate awareness of the public in this direction.
  • To involve the Federal, State and Local Government, Ministries, Health and other relevant bodies in the careful management of these children where necessary and ensuring that these children are happy and look forward to the future with hope and confidence.
  • To involve Religious Bodies, Traditional Rulers, Community Leaders and men and women of distinction in the society and all other relevant organizations in the treatment and welfare of the children and by doing so giving them a chance in life.
  • To undertake and develop relevant training program, researches and medical studies into the disease of cancer generally in children and all it’s ramifications, with a view to alleviate the suffering of victims.
  • To liaise with, amalgamate and join other Organizations with similar aims and objectives with a view to enhance the aims and objectives of the foundation.
  • To establish the ‘Children living with cancer fund’ both here in Nigeria and overseas with a view of getting national and international support in whatever form.
  • To establish and run with qualified medical personnel a children’s cancer center cater to forchildren living with cancer.

Some Services and Programmes We Provide

  1. Counseling
  2. Play work
  3. Patient Support:
    • Financial
    • Social –Have support groups plans activities that will engage the mind of these children so they don’t dwell on their present condition
    • Educational – Provides Teachers facilities for learning to sharpens their mind and encourage some amount of physical activities and keep a robust look on life.
    • Medical.

Our Mission

Our main areas of focus and primary effort are:

  1. To create awareness that children also have cancer, but children cancers are curable.
  2. To save as many lives as possible through early detection and prompt medical attention.
  3. Support families that are affected by childhood cancers.
  4. Cancer is an expensive ailment even for the rich. However, cancer medication is a lot less expensive when diagnosed early and treatment started on time.

Some of the most common children cancers seen and treated at LUTH Hematology/ Oncology unit of the pediatric department and the statistics over a period of 18 months (July 2005 to January 2007) are as follows.

Projected Goals in 10 Years

  1. Health care givers /communities made aware of childhood  cancers
  2. To establish at least 2 childhood cancer  treatment centers in Nigeria
  3. To record more survivors of at least the most treatable of childhood cancers by bringing our survival rate at par with at least that of the South African experience.
    Burkitts lymphoma
    Nephroblastoma (cancer of the kidneys)
  4. To make Bone marrow Banking and Bone marrow transplant available at the  treatment centers
  5. Availability of free drugs /treatment for children with cancer.